Using Cubicles in Tech Environments

Technologically minded companies are now seeking new designs and creative cubicles to reflect their innovative cultures and progressive mentalities. Carefully selecting materials to fill your tech environment can create an appealing layout with aesthetic value.

At we have made it our goal to assist large and small businesses with the resources and information necessary to locate the appropriate money saving solutions for all their furniture needs.

We recently visited EthoSource in Morgantown, PA. As a nationally recognized leader in office furniture liquidation, they are a wealth of information. While we were there, we were able to discuss the value of using cubicles in the tech environment. It is our hope that you will benefit from this information.

Using Cubicles in Tech Environments

Time for a Switch Up

Regardless of your vision, there is always room for improvement. Many tech offices started out seeking individual privacy, but then felt the pressure to embrace a more free-flowing space. However, as time has passed, those same businesses are reconsidering those initial choices. The trend seems to be more toward warehouse design with seating options.

Here’s what we have learned about tech companies:

  • Open plan seating is still considered in vogue. Offices have opted for less private space and more shared. However, that may not always be the best option given the fact they contribute to the spread of germs and excessive noise.
  • Bosses are out in the open. If you have any knowledge of the Facebook headquarters, then you are aware of the fact that Mark Zuckerberg placed his desk dead center. All his employees are readily visible, as is he. But, imagine the pressure on these people to ensure that they are constantly productive and engaged!
  • Focus is a real problem. The answer, or compromise, to the open floor plan layout is the incorporation of cubicles. If your computer engineers are distracted by the presence of their superiors at the desk to their left, or by the co-worker sneezing on the computer screen to their right, they will probably be far less productive.
  • Remote work is up and coming. This replaces the idea of the communal office and gives your employees a good deal of autonomy as to where and when they do their best work for your company. But, keeping track of real-time hours may be a burden you aren’t willing to add to your already intense load.
  • Quiet is needed, and cubicles are the way to go. There are soundproof pods available. And the benefits may outweigh the costs when it comes to the need for workplace privacy and the hope for increased productivity.

Sure, it seems like open-layout office spaces are the rage, and maybe you want to ride that wave. But, when you really start thinking about what your individual employees need, using cubicles may be advantageous as well. Those who need some silence can enjoy the peace of a cubicle in those moments, while having equal access to the collaborative environment when the project calls for it.