Office Furniture Trends

Office furniture trends are always changing. If you have been wondering what the top trends are for 2019, we have plenty of information for you!

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Recently, we visited EthoSource in Morgantown, PA. They are a nationally recognized leader in office furniture liquidation. While there, we were able to get their thoughts on today’s office furniture trends. We hope that you will find value in this information.

Office Furniture Trends

The Trends You’re Wondering About

Modern office furniture design is evolving along with the office spaces they occupy. While there are still traditional desks and adjustable chairs available, there are now more options than ever for outfitting your office space. Keep these trends in mind as you search for the right furniture for your space:

  • Coworking Spaces- All kinds of businesses are opting to utilize coworking spaces. These are shared spaces that provide low-cost and convenient choices for a variety of professionals. Places that offer hot desking are also offering file cabinet rentals. It seems people are really appreciating the flexibility of these options.
  • Casual Designs- Office spaces that resemble living rooms happen to be on the horizon. Pillows, couches, and lounge chairs are enabling employees to feel more at home. These designs are said to foster creativity and help build workplace relationships. These spaces are best utilized for short breaks and casual meetings.
  • “Smart” Furniture- There’s a new wave of tech innovation and integration flooding the office furniture market. These new ideas change the way employees interact with their desks. Some of the new tech inclusions are:
  1. CPU holders mounted under desks
  2. Magnetized cable management
  3. Mobile device air-charging ports
  4. Personal assistant touchscreens embedded in the tabletops
  5. Standing desk controllers that are Bluetooth-enabled and allow connections to mobile apps
  • Dedicated Private Spots- As office furniture designs move more toward collaborative space, the need for distraction free spots is increasing. Privacy panels, and dedicated conference rooms can help provide that moment of peace for your easily distracted staff members. Add height adjustable meeting tables with sit-stand stools to keep them moving.
  • Incorporate Nature- Adding organic life, like water features, shrubs, and plants can provide much needed energy to the environment. Some of the biggest companies we know are incorporating spaces that feel like they are outdoors and include real wood furniture elements. Though having botanical space in your office might not be realistic, you can add wood furniture and office plants for a more earthy feel.

In this digital ecosystem, we need to be prepared to see our desks transformed into devices with full technological functionality. Returning to nature in our design layouts can counteract the overly modern necessity for this kind of furniture and add much needed organic elements. No doubt the contradiction between natural and virtual will continue to be part of modern office furniture trends for many years.