Innovations In Office Furniture In Philadelphia

Office Furniture In Philadelphia

Do you need new workstations for your business or are you considering a complete makeover? When was the last time you looked at the many innovations in office furniture in Philadelphia?

Designers today are considering every detail from lighting to storage in an effort to improve employee motivation, comfort, creativity and productivity.

Thanks to the abundance of smartphones, tablets and laptops, workforces today have become more mobile. Gone are the days when most employees needed to be in the office to access their important files.

Now we store the information online and access it remotely. We can work from home or from the road. The changing times have resulted in some new strategies and new office furniture designs.

Hoteling – Instead of automatically guaranteeing every employee a desk, more and more companies are offering space to workers only on an “as-needed” basis.  In other words, areas are set aside where external employees have rotating shared desks. The system usually requires an employee to make a reservation for space and then “check in” when they arrive, like a hotel.

Their calls can be routed to the workstation they reserved for the day, and they are given access to storage areas and conference rooms. It may not be as nice as having a permanent office, but consultants, telecommuters, and employees who travel frequently seem to like the idea.

HAG Capisco by Izzy – Ergonomics remain at the forefront of office furniture, and this eye-catching “saddle” chair has a unique back design that promotes good posture. Sit facing forward or turned to the side, and adjust it to any worksurface height. The sculptured backrest maintains the natural curvature of the spine, holds you upright, and relieves pressure from your back. It’s also made from recycled and recyclable materials, including environmentally friendly upholstery, so you can improve your employees’ posture and go green at the same time.

Treadmill Desks and Bike Desks by Lifespan Fitness – Fitness-conscious employees will love these desks so that they can stay in shape while on the job. They are bluetooth-enabled, so you can wirelessly sync and track activity data via a computer app. Those who prefer to pedal will appreciate being able to “ride” while they make conference calls, type, answer emails or surf the web. Let your employees log miles without interrupting the workday.

Acoustic Furniture – People who work in open-plan offices often complain about constant noise and lack of privacy. Acoustic furniture can be used to create private or social spaces for relaxation, brain storming, and informal team sessions or meetings. Offecct’s Smalltalk Acoustic Box, a Swedish design, looks a bit like an old-fashioned phone booth and features a high table enclosed by a pleated screen made of a sound-absorbing material. Step inside and make calls in solitude. And, why build walls when you can use flexible Aerea acoustic pods by Orangebox in the U.K.? A combination of high quality glass and soft acoustic paneling, they can be dropped into place complete with power and air-conditioning.

To explore these and other innovative options for office furniture in Philadelphia, talk to office design professionals with years of experience, such as EthoSource. You will be amazed at the styles, colors and configurations they have available that will make your workplace more user-friendly, and give your employees a comfortable and healthy place to work.