Office Furniture Benching Systems

Are you seeking greater flexibility and smaller footprints from your office furniture? Benching systems are the cornerstone of today’s open offices, and offer flexibility when creating strategic spaces in your office floor plan.

Benching systems are particularly beneficial for customer service/call centers, administrative offices, schools, technology firms, law firms, architecture and design firms, marketing firms, companies with a staff of mobile workers, and any other setting that requires a blend of privacy and team interaction.

Office Furniture Benching Systems

Tear Down Those Walls

As today’s workers ask for more open space, moveable desks, standing desks, and other less formal styles of seating that can be rearranged quickly to make it easier for them to work with colleagues and share ideas, benching has helped create a new, improved version of offices once filled with high-walled cubicles.

Because there is no paneling to divide the work areas between each individual, benching systems allow you to accommodate more people in less space using bench-like desks and tables. They feature individual lamps, computers, and chairs set up every 5 to 10 feet, enabling employees to spread out and collaborate.

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Key Benefits of Benching Systems

Benching is an effective method of maximizing space and eliminates the barriers that inhibit teamwork. These systems give employees greater access to colleagues and superiors, something that can be difficult to achieve in a typical office cubicle environment. They also:

  • Promote rapport building and exchange of ideas
  • Encourage better departmental communication
  • Improve access to shared materials and resources
  • Spark conversation, collaboration and innovation
  • Emphasize openness and connectivity
  • Streamline work processes
  • Accommodate mobile workforces
  • Allow for greater versatility with different seating types and designs
  • Change office aesthetics from a claustrophobic to an open look
  • Increase exposure to natural light and views of the outdoors
  • Reduce real estate costs through increased seating density and multi-use environments
  • Provide managers with easier access for evaluating team progress
  • Contribute to employee retention

How to Implement a Benching System

When developing the best design for your office space, it’s important to reflect on the type of work your employees do as part of your decision. Benching may not be the best choice if your employees need a lot of quiet and privacy in order to be productive.

Consider implementing office guidelines that will eliminate some of the distractions of open spaces, such as limiting the number of personal items in work spaces and personal phone calls. Add phone rooms where employees can go to make private calls, and provide small meeting rooms where they can concentrate on heads-down tasks without noise and interruptions.

Benching systems are an effective way to maximize your use of space because they accommodate more employees than customary cubicle workstations. Eliminating the claustrophobic atmosphere of walled-in cubicles may also result in a happier team!