Office Cubicles for Sale

Office cubicles are for sale from suppliers around the country and may be your best choice for making your workplace more efficient… and happier!

Cubicle systems burst onto the market about 50 years ago (1968) and revolutionized the way we work. Although the “open office” style, where employees work side-by-side without dividing walls, has gained popularity in recent years, many employees still yearn for the days when they had space to think and focus – in their private cubicles.

If you need a change and want to create a work space that inspires your staff, consider furniture suppliers like EthoSource in Morgantown, PA, which offers professional design and office space planning in addition to unique contemporary office furniture solutions from manufacturers such as Ethospace, Knoll, Haworth, Steelcase and others.

Office Cubicles for Sale

Creative Office Designs

Today’s employees can pretty much work from anywhere thanks to abundant Wi-Fi, cloud-based storage, and non-traditional work schedules, and no single solution fits every workplace. Some companies have taken steps to create unique hybrid work environments with a combination of both private and collaborative space to make their offices more user-friendly.

All organizations have different cultures, and this can help shape the office layout that best suits the work their employees do. Here are some creative examples from companies around the world.

  • ICRAVE, a New York City design and branding firm, wanted an open concept office with as much natural light as possible. They came up with a design that mimics a hotel lobby and flexible workspaces that encourage employee interaction and collaboration. The expansive area is divided up into rows with useful yellow cork boards in between to help with sound-proofing. The conference room has huge doors that swivel around 360° to open and close off the space as needed.
  • Cartoon Network in Atlanta installed a cubicle system that is anything but dull. Each employee has the freedom to customize his or her space with all manner of cartoon characters, colorful furniture, mascots, photos, stickers and magnets. There are cozy, comfortable nooks throughout the office for employees who want to collaborate on something.
  • Google Zurich transformed traditional work spaces into different themed cubicles that resemble ski cabins and gondolas. Designs incorporate the bright, primary colors of red, blue, and yellow, of the company’s logo. And there are spaces to play sports, sing and dance, get a massage, or relax in a foam-filled bath.
  • Mind Candy, a game company, is decked out with bright artwork around every corner, Astroturf carpeting, vines hanging from the ceiling, a wooden treehouse and gingerbread house doubling as meeting rooms, and a helter skelter-style slide that takes you between floors.
  • Ubiquitous, a Manchester communications agency, went with vintage-style furniture, including overstuffed leather sofas and grandfather clocks, elegant tiled and wood paneled walls, atmospheric lighting, and stylish artwork on the walls.

While these elaborate ideas may not be the norm, they may inspire you as you look for office cubicles for sale to give your employees some combination of completely open space and total privacy to block out noise and distractions. You’ll be amazed at the cubicle frames and tiles in a vast assortment of colors, finishes, fabrics and laminates that are available today.