Office Cubicles for Sale in New York

Finding office cubicles for sale in New York is not as hard as you might think, but buying them through liquidation firms located throughout the nation might be your best bet. is committed to offering businesses and organizations the resources and information they need to locate office cubicles while saving money at the same time.

In fact, we recently toured EthoSource located in Morgantown, PA. They are a national leader in office furniture liquidation. While there, we gathered tips about why people love and hate cubicles and would like to share that insight with you.

Office Cubicles for Sale in New York

While employees might fantasize about working in a private corner office, the reality is most of them won’t be that fortunate. Instead, they will find themselves in a semi-private cubicle. But that doesn’t mean every employee will hate it. Here is what we found out about the cubicle love/hate relationship.

Those Who Love Them

We understand that cubicles have gotten a bad rap over the years. But, there are people who actually appreciate the ability to work in their own semi-private space. Those who love it do so for these reasons:

  • Organization- Working in a cubicle forces you to keep your desk organized. When you have your own office, it is easy to get cluttered. But, in a cubicle, everyone else has the ability to see how tidy, or not, you are. This makes staying on task and keeping things orderly a lot easier.
  • Brainstorming- Due to the semi-private nature of cubicles, it is exceptionally easy to bounce ideas off your nearby peers. There’s always someone to converse with so, when you are stuck on a project, there’s someone there to help. Brainstorming with co-workers is a highly effective means of improving productivity.
  • Relationships- When you work in close proximity of others, you can keep an eye on their moods. This will help you know who to avoid on any given day. And, since one side of your space is open, you have the ability to meet new people who pass by. Knowing what’s going on in the office and who is there can build better relationships and improve morale.

Those Who Hate Them

Unfortunately, it is not all roses when it comes to setting up an office in cubicle form. Here’s what people hate about them:

  • Monotony- Creativity can sometimes be stifled by the monotonous atmosphere that cubicles embody. It can become difficult to sit in the exact same setting day after day.
  • Noise- Going back to the semi-private nature of cubicles, noise can be an issue. There’s the constant chatter between peers and the seemingly endless phone conversations. These things can grate on the nerves of even the most patient employees. People need quiet sometimes.
  • Spies- While cubicles can help build relationships, they have also been known to put a strain on them. Since everyone knows what you are doing at any given time, this can give some people the feeling that they are constantly being watched or spied on.

Before you check out office cubicles for sale in New York, it’s a good idea to consider the personalities of your staff. This way you can give the right people their own space, while letting others share and interact.