Office Cubicles for Sale in Houston, TX

Finding a great deal on office cubicles for sale in Houston, TX, might seem like a challenge. But the bigger challenge is probably found in trying to make those office cubicles feel homier for your employees. Not to worry though, we have the answers.

At, we make it our goal to provide visitors with all the research and resources necessary to locate the best value on office cubicles and other office furniture. Our desire for information prompts us to review office furniture liquidators for that purpose.

Recently, we had the opportunity to visit EthoSource in Philadelphia. As a leader in furniture liquidation, they specialize in new, used, and refurbished office furniture. And, since they know some things about cubicles, we asked them for some advice on making cubicles feel more personalized. Here is what they shared with us.

Office Cubicles for Sale in Houston, TX

Décor for Cubicles

Cubicles often feel very removed from the comforts of home. And, having to work in a sanitized and impersonal environment can make your staff incredibly uncomfortable and even lethargic. So, if you want to help your staff increase productivity, giving them the ability to add cool décor to their cubicles is a great idea.

The truth is, there is very definitely something refreshing and inspiring about being able to work in a comfortable and beautiful space. Here are some of the top suggestions about décor for cubicles:

  • Lamps- Ambiance is created, for the most part, by the lighting in a given area. Sadly, most cubicles are located beneath fluorescent light. However, allowing your staff to add their own lamps gives their personal space a warmer feel.
  • Shelves- Shelves add an aesthetic that is often missing from typical cubicles. Of course, that means they should hold things that are visually appealing instead of massive binders and reference books.
  • Flowers- Though the fresh variety won’t last long, they will provide a sense of instant beautification. The colors and fragrance will serve as a mood-lifter, and they can be changed out weekly to keep everything looking and feeling good.
  • Pillows- No doubt, your staff has complained about the comfort of their desk chairs. Allowing them to add throw pillows can make all the difference between 3 pm and 5 pm when back support is most needed.
  • Pegboards- While you probably have relegated pegboards to storage, they can actually be functional accessories for office cubicles. They are decorative and help make better use of vertical space.
  • Washi tape- Surely, you have seen all the intricate and catchy patterns available. Using this tape to trim desktops, file cabinets, and cupboards can give a mental and visual boost to the cubicle space.
  • Wallpaper- Of course, actual wallpaper isn’t a requirement here. Employees could use various fabrics or wrapping papers that they pin or staple to the cubicle. This gives them the opportunity to add patterns and personality to a space that is otherwise quite boring.

Cubicles have been the bane of many an office employee’s existence. But, when you give your staff members the freedom to decorate as they see fit, you are welcoming their personalities and expression into the workplace. This, in turn, makes them feel more comfortable and at ease. There’s no reason to stress about finding office cubicles for sale in Houston, TX. Your employees will love their new workstations.