Office Cubicles for Sale in Boston, MA

Furnishing an office space on a budget can take some savvy shopping, but office cubicles for sale in Boston, MA can be purchased at great prices if you know where to go.

At, we are devoted to providing information and resources to organizations and businesses, both small and large, who are looking for furniture solutions that save them money.

Recently, we visited EthoSource in Morgantown, PA. They are a nationally recognized leader in office furniture liquidation. While there, we gathered tips about how to find dealers that meet your office cubicle and furniture needs. And, we learned how to make cubicles a more enjoyable environment for employees.

Office Cubicles for Sale in Boston, MA

Helping Employees Love Their Cubicles

We understand that not all of your staff members will be enthusiastic about the cubicles you provide for them. But, there are a number of ways they can make these semi-private office spaces feel more comfortable and pleasant to be in. Try offering them these ideas to boost morale and productivity in the work place:

  • Eye Level Monitors. Looking down at a computer screen, especially if your office is equipped with laptops, can wreak havoc on the neck. So, consider having your employees raise their monitors to eye level for a more ergonomic environment.
  • Carpet Sample Décor. These are usually free from big carpet retailers and can add a little flair to the desk area. Instead of the typical blotter, place employee keyboards on carpet samples in fun designs.
  • Art Show. Grey cubicle walls can get really mind-numbing when you are forced to stare at them day after day. Suggest that employees use those empty grey spaces to display works of art that inspire them. You could even have in-office art show competitions.
  • Succulent Magnets. We all know that plants help cleanse the air in an office space. Unfortunately, most cubicles don’t offer enough free area to keep larger plants. But, there are usually plenty of spots to put succulent magnets to add some life to the décor.
  • Include Lamps. Nobody likes fluorescent lighting. And, after a while, your employees will start complaining about headaches from them. So, suggest that they get unique lamps for their spaces. This will add warmth and a small touch of hominess that will make the cubicle more comfortable.
  • Inspirational Quotes. This is always a great idea, whether you are in your own office space or have to deal with a cubicle. Adding quotes to the walls will help your employees get through the long days. And, they will be encouraged each time they glance at a quote they have chosen.
  • DIY Mousepad. Instead of the generic company branded mousepad, encourage your employees to create their own. You can give them blank ones and they can then use duct tape that comes in a variety of prints and patterns to create their own designs. You could even have a company mousepad decorating party and supply the goods. It would be a cool team building activity.

Cubicles don’t have to be dreaded by employees. With these great ideas, you can shop for office cubicles for sale in Boston, MA while feeling confident that your employees won’t hate you for doing so!