Office Cubicles Philadelphia

A cubicle is a cubicle is a cubicle. Or is it? With a little creativity, cubicles can solve a myriad of design issues in your Philadelphia office environment, save you a substantial amount of money, and give your employees the inspiration to do their best work.

With the growth of telecommuting and non-traditional work schedules, employees today have morphed into a mobile world where they can work from just about anywhere on the planet. Office design solutions, including cubicle systems, have adapted accordingly. And they don’t have to look like a maze of endless, sterile cubes.

Office Cubicles Philadelphia


Furniture dealers, such as EthoSource in Morgantown, PA, offer a vast assortment of cubicle frames and tiles in different colors, finishes, fabrics, laminates and configurations that will help you incorporate cubicle systems into your office environment to create stimulating workspaces for both employees and clients and highlight your brand.

The latest trends include:

Video – In-person meetings are still important, but video technology lets us have high-quality interactions with colleagues who are thousands of miles away without having to be in the same room. Most new office designs include spaces designed for video conferencing, complete with proper lighting and great acoustics.

Comfort – With long hours spent on desktops and laptops, the end result is neck and back strain. Ergonomic workstations and office chairs have replaced uncomfortable tables and chairs to enhance our comfort and preserve good posture. Some companies have even installed reclining furniture, hammocks, or integrated cubicles that encourage employees to sit, stand or lie down to get comfortable.

Exercise – Most of us recognize that sitting in an office cubicle all day is not good for overall fitness. U-shaped desks are available that can be placed over a treadmill so employees can walk while working. Similarly, people who prefer to pedal will appreciate being able to “ride” their “bike desks” while making conference calls, typing, answering emails or surfing the web. Some companies have incorporated workout rooms or even full basketball courts to encourage their staff to exercise.

Color – The colors of office cubicles have changed to help improve productivity, making the workspaces more user-friendly and creating a more pleasant environment.  Lighter, brighter colors produce a more casual and positive atmosphere. Blue can be calming and tranquil in a high-stress environment. Yellow is friendly and energetic, and green is calm and cool. And touches of orange or red can add energy to an otherwise drab workplace.

Acoustics – People who work in open-plan offices often complain about the constant noise and lack of privacy. Sound-absorbent acoustic cubicle tiles can be used to create private phone rooms and spaces for relaxation, brain storming, and informal team sessions or meetings.

Many businesses in Philadelphia are designing workstation cubicle solutions that are not only practical, but beautiful. They are injecting personality into the office with stylish, spacious and well laid-out cubicles, collapsible workstations that can be moved with a crank along tracks to expand or contract the workspace as needed, and prefabricated shipping containers that can be transformed into offices. These innovations can make a huge difference when it comes to your office productivity.