New, Refurbished and Used Cubicles

When you need to furnish office space on a limited budget, take advantage of used and refurbished cubicles and workstations that are priced lower than new furniture by liquidation firms across the nation.

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We recently visited EthoSource in Morgantown, PA, a nationally recognized leader in office furniture liquidation, and gathered tips on what type of furniture is available and how to find dealers that can help meet your needs.

New, Refurbished and Used Cubicles

Buying Tips

New high-quality office furniture can be very expensive.

Think about how many companies go out of business every year. What do you suppose they do with the office furniture they no longer need? What about used furniture from companies that are remodeling or upgrading their work spaces? That’s a lot of disposable furniture.

Liquidators scour the nation for this perfectly good furniture to keep it out of landfills and ensure that it can find a new home elsewhere. Purchasing refurbished office systems from a liquidation company is the closest you can get to buying new furniture without paying the high prices. Once cleaned and refurbished, it is made available to customers at savings of 30% to 70%.

You may like the pre-owned cubicles exactly as they are and be able to acquire them quickly. But used cubicles can often be broken down and rebuilt to fit your space and work style, and fabrics and finishes can be changed to meet your needs.

Recycled office furniture is also the platinum standard for green commercial interiors. If your company is pursuing green initiatives or the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification, purchasing recycled office furniture helps protect and preserve the earth’s resources.

Tips for Evaluating the Furniture Dealer

Be aware that many dealers sell used office furniture “as is.” This means they’ve made few, if any, repairs. Look for reputable dealers who inspect, clean, make necessary repairs, reassemble and refinish the pieces to “like new” condition.

  • If you are looking for refurbished cubicles from a top name-brand manufacturer, such as Steelcase or Herman Miller, to add to cubicles you already own, the selection will be better if you find a dealer that specializes in those product lines.
  • Compare prices, options and warranties on both new and used furniture from different manufacturers. You may find that high-end furniture from premium manufacturers is not out of your price range.
  • Don’t make decisions based on price alone. It can be tempting to settle for lower-end furniture, but your savings could evaporate if it’s made with substandard materials and you have to repair or replace it sooner than expected.
  • Ask about a warranty. Remanufactured and refurbished cubicles and workstations should come with some type of warranty. Some dealers also offer limited warranties on used and/or reconditioned furniture.
  • If possible, visit the dealer’s showroom. Knowledgeable experts can demonstrate the products, and you can see their size and scale to decide if they will fit your space.

Professional national office furniture liquidators make it possible for you to acquire new, refurbished and used cubicles and other workspace systems, enabling you to create the designs you envision at prices that work for you.