New Benching Workstations

If you’re looking for a more flexible office design, consider new or used benching workstations to accommodate more people in less space and encourage worker collaboration.

Benching systems eliminate the barriers that obstruct teamwork and efficiency. They combine bench-like tables and chairs with little or no paneling between employees, and feature individual lamps, computers, and chairs every 5 to 10 feet, to give your staff room to spread out and work in teams.

New Benching Workstations

If you are interested in this type of solution for all or part of your office space, we encourage you to review the online catalogs of companies like EthoSource in Morgantown, PA. They specialize in high-quality new and used benching systems and can supply you with a wide range of design ideas.

Today’s workers dislike separation, and prefer office setups that allow them to sit together on the same row or across from each other with better access to their coworkers and more interaction.

And, according to recent studies, workers with a line-of-sight connection between each other are 15% more productive than their isolated cubicle comrades; all the more reason to consider benching systems.

What about Noise and Distractions?

Can open offices create distractions? Can the work space be noisy? Yes; but there are some things you can do to remedy these problems so that you and your employees can take advantage of the rapport building and exchange of ideas that benching promotes.

Install Noise Reduction Ceiling Tiles: These sound-absorbing and deflecting acoustic panels will keep sound from bouncing off hard surfaces like walls and tables. If you’re thinking these sound boring, consider that these tiles are available in traditional textures such as slate, swirls, corduroy, and stucco as well as elaborate decorative patterns that make them much more appealing.

Invest in Digital Collaboration Tools: It is said that interruptions, such as emails, desk visits and meetings, cost employees 40% to 60% of their most productive time. Take advantage of digital tools like InVision and Slack that encourage shorter bursts of communication, and Asana or Trello to keep your project-based team out of never-ending meetings.

Increase Visibility: It’s human nature to get louder when there are higher dividers between desks. By opening up the space and making it easier to see who is sitting nearby, we tend to be more focused on who we’re disrupting or who might be bothered by our loud conversations.

Whether you go with new or used benching workstations, the design can be a fantastic alternative to cubicles. Consider them for improving morale and inter-office relations and maximizing the use of your limited office space.