This Valentines’ Day, Fall in Love with Ethospace Cubicles

Satirical Dilbert jokes aside, workplace cubicles are still one of the best ways to optimize office space, reduce costs and boost employee productivity. The options available today have progressed far beyond the old days of the “cube farm”, and Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles are at the forefront of innovative space planning for the modern, collaborative workplace.

We work differently today and often need to make the most of tight office space. We are increasingly mobile thanks to tech advancements like Wi-Fi, Skype and smartphones. We work more hours, making comfort and ergonomics important. We collaborate from locations all over the globe.
Happy Valentines' Day! Show some love to your office today!
Because we don’t need to permanently occupy a desk every day, we can share office space with coworkers. Some of us need more open spaces to make it easier for us to converse with teammates. Others need quiet space and the ability to focus. These changes have shifted our focus in terms of what we need from cubicles and workstations.

Ethospace – Available in a Variety of Powerful Colors

Dilbertville was usually occupied by white-walled boxy cubicles and beige carpet. Many business owners thought this decor conveyed a refined and sophisticated look and made a good impression on clients. Now we generally consider it safe and boring. While earth tones are still popular, modern psychology tells us that there is power in color.

Darker colors are more serious, while lighter, brighter colors create a more casual and positive atmosphere. Shades of blue may be a good choice for cubicles or workstations if you want to convey honesty, loyalty and confidence. It also creates a soothing work atmosphere for employees. Green is calming and associated with growth, wealth and prestige, so you may want to use it to project a particular brand image.

Ethospace frames and tiles come in a vast range of colors, finishes, fabrics and laminates, allowing businesses to emphasize their brands and create inviting workspaces for both employees and clients.

Flexible Panels

There are Ethospace panels available for every imaginable configuration and purpose. Choose from open layouts with lower panel heights to promote conversation and teamwork or higher panels that offer more privacy. Choose wood panels or express your personality with colorful fabrics. Install glass or Plexiglas to let in natural light and brighten up the atmosphere.

Ethospace Office CubicleIf office background noise is too disruptive, choose acoustic or high-acoustic panels to absorb the sound. Make the panels tackable with materials like cork to enable your employees to pin their work to the cubicle walls, or use marker panels that include whiteboards and promote learning and creativity. Take advantage of electric panels to hide messy wires and cables. Choose from 90-, 120-, and 135-degree configurations to create flexible space for employees who need to stand, sit and move around while working.


The world has grown more conscious of wasting energy and raw materials, and we continually search for “green” products to help us become more environmentally responsible. Ethospace systems are made up of 53% recycled content, are 78% recyclable at the end of their lives, and are GREENGUARD® certified.

Businesses can maximize the value of outdated furniture by having it refurbished with new colors, fabrics and surfaces instead of discarding it. Purchasing used or refurbished cubicles can help companies achieve LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council as well as provide a tremendous cost savings.

Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles are continually enhanced with new components and capabilities to help businesses refresh their space and work smarter and healthier.

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