Designer Style Executive Desks

Are you looking for designer style executive desks to bring style and quality to your office space? The selection can be overwhelming, but can help you meet your requirements for looks, function and affordability.

Designer Style Executive Desks

Depending on how much space you have available, the type of work you do, and your corporate culture, you’ll have to decide whether to invest in identical office desks for everyone or different designs for executives and senior management.

Making an educated choice based on the way you and your employees work and the amount of time you spend at your desks requires some advance planning.

Desk Styles. Executives often see their desks as signs of prestige and may want to choose furniture that suits their personality. Some prefer traditional styles, others choose contemporary designs, and others like the modern look of steel and glass. As long as they stay within your corporate image goals, you can encourage creativity and individuality by giving managers and executives some latitude. Be sure to measure each office, including distances from doorways and windows, and keep the sizes in mind when searching for potential desks.

Desk Materials. High-quality office desks are made from a variety of different materials, but wood desks made from oak, cherry, mahogany, walnut, etc., continue to maintain their popularity for their exemplary craftsmanship, design and longevity. Many an oak desk has survived generations of occupants! If you’re going for a contemporary or modern décor with a clean, sophisticated look, however, you’ll find beautiful laminates as well as metal and glass desks to meet your needs.

Desk Shapes. A regular, rectangular desk may be the best choice for privacy and space. No one wants to work in cramped environment, and rectangular desks generally make better use of space than round or oval desks and offer more surface working area. If you work in a collaborative environment where you meet often with colleagues or customers, irregular shapes such as L-shaped desks, P-shaped desks and U-shaped desks may be a better choice.

Where to Find Bargains

Great office furniture shouldn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, so consider purchasing used or refurbished desks to get a bigger bang for your buck. Buying liquidated office furniture can be a great solution for Philadelphia businesses on a budget.

Many premium office furniture dealers, such as EthoSource in Morgantown, PA, who specialize in new desks from Cherryman, JSI, Compel, National and others, are also furniture liquidators. They routinely buy used office furniture from customers who are upgrading or relocating and make it available to you at huge savings.

The executive desks you select will project a sense of professionalism and success. Check the posts at for reviews and recommendations on the best designer desk styles and office furniture stores in your area.