Spur Creativity with Custom Benching Workstations

The office of the future is all about collaboration. Save space, reduce expenses, and give your staff the flexibility to do their best work with custom benching workstations.

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Custom Benching Workstations

The Hottest Trend in Office Furniture Design

Benching workstations, such as those offered by EthoSource in Morgantown, PA, are partition-less workstations with central access to power and data.

They combine bench-like tables and chairs with space for computers and personal supplies, eliminate barriers between employees, and can be easily rearranged.

These systems are a popular cost-saving solution for businesses who like the idea of open offices spaces. But, what are the advantages?

Real Estate Savings: Office space may be your most expensive business expense, but the digital revolution means there is little need today to take up space for storing paper, catalogs and binders, to allow for large computer monitors on deep work surfaces, or to provide every worker with a private cube. By accommodating your employees in a much smaller footprint, you could save as much as 40% of the space and cost.

Flexibility: When a department has outgrown their space or you need the ability to put a project team together, you can quickly change the shape, purpose and privacy levels of today’s benching workstations with little labor and a few parts. Add or remove a privacy screen, add another work surface, or crowd in another employee with their laptop. It’s a far more rapid solution than having to reconfigure your entire cubicle system.

Productivity: Consider how much creativity you may be wasting by isolating your employees in cubes all day. Benching encourages group interaction and teamwork, and improves departmental communication. It works particularly well in offices where workers spend most of their time working in teams, e.g., marketing, engineering, IT project teams, research and development, product development, consultants, architects and designers.

Natural light: With fewer high walls, benching systems allow more natural light in to brighten the space. Studies show that well-lit environments promote health and happiness, reduce eyestrain, increase productivity and may even decrease absenteeism.

Some benching systems are designed to work together with traditional cubicle panel systems, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Accommodate employees who need more privacy with a more traditional cubicle environment, and teams that thrive on collaboration with a benching system.

If you think that noise and lack of privacy might become a problem, add phone rooms where employees can go to make private calls, and provide small meeting rooms where they can concentrate on tasks or meet privately with each other or with you.

Instead of allowing closed cubicle doors to kill creativity, custom benching workstations can help you create a fun, collaborative extension of your brand, where employees feel free to use the whole space to produce quality work.