Cubicles with High Walls

Creating an effective, yet friendly, work environment is quite a challenge. Cubicles are often a go-to when it comes to office design. But, maybe the traditional cubicle could stand a remodel. Cubicles with high walls, especially those that go from floor to ceiling, are making a big impact in the office world.

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So, when it comes to deciding whether or not cubicles with high walls are best for you, consider some of these benefits.

Cubicles with High Walls


People work better when they have privacy, and there are plenty of studies to prove that. High walled cubicles give employees the privacy they crave rather than giving their colleagues access to every little thing they do. This is a significant benefit of opting for a high walled cubicle design. Focus is improved, and you reap the benefits of greater productivity from your people.

Limits Noise Pollution

Though low-walled cubicles can help prevent employee distraction, they do not aid in noise reduction. We all know how distracting noise can be, even when we can’t see where it is coming from. Floor to ceiling cubicles can help block the noise from typing, tapping, and phone conversations. Less distraction means more work gets accomplished, and that is a win for you!

Cheaper Private Offices

Commercial office spaces are incredibly expensive. And, the more office space you have, the more expensive it becomes. Thankfully, high walled cubicles can give the impression of individual offices, especially if you opt for the floor to ceiling variety. Employees love their personal space and, when people love where they work, they are more efficient at what they do.

The Look You Want

Every business owner wants his/her office to look like a million bucks. Cubicles that reach from the floor to the ceiling can boost your office’s aesthetic appeal. They even come in glass walled varieties that offer a more refreshing appearance than the traditional wall style. These cubicles will create a positive environment for your employees and your clients, all while giving your office a high-class look.

Cubicles are a great addition to just about any office space and, while the low walled variety certainly serve their purpose, it might not be a bad idea to start thinking about the high walled versions. With the right furniture and décor, your office can look and feel accomplished. can help you locate dealers who sell cubicles with high walls that best fit your business’ design and needs. If you are worried about the cost of furnishing your office with cubicles, the dealers we recommend can find them for you at a significant savings.