Contemporary Executive Office Furniture

Contemporary executives customarily adjust their management styles to meet the unique demands of the departments they lead, but the office furniture they choose should also accommodate those styles.

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Contemporary Executive Office Furniture

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Here are some tips to get you started on choosing executive office furniture to match your management style.

Laid-Back Management Style

Hands-off leaders delegate responsibility to the team for making most of its own decisions, while providing resources and support when necessary. This style can be very effective for managing teams of highly-skilled, motivated individuals.

Cubicles are an excellent choice for employees because they offer them a sense of privacy and independence and a place they can concentrate. For those who prefer working in teams, consider collaborative meeting spaces that can accommodate several comfortable work tables and chairs.

Some laid-back executives forego the corner office altogether, working alongside their employees. For others, a glass-walled cubicle signifies a message of accessibility and avoids giving employees the feeling that their every move is being monitored.

Authoritarian Management Style

At the opposite end of the spectrum, the authoritarian type of leader keeps a tighter rein on employees and projects, controlling most aspects of the job.

Employees may not need the quiet privacy of full cubicles, flourishing instead in an open office environment with little or no paneling to divide the working areas. Benching systems encourage group interaction and teamwork.

A large executive desk in the center of a centrally located private office is well-suited to this more hierarchical management style. A modern leather executive chair completes the look, with visitor chairs facing the person behind the desk.

Democratic Management Style

Every project is a collective effort, and democratic leaders take the input of their skilled, highly trained employees into consideration to bring out the best in the team and make the most of their skills. The employees have more responsibility and independence than those working for an authoritarian leader.

IT departments are good examples of departments that are well-suited to the democratic style. An open office with workstations that have low-rise panels between them offer privacy and make it easier to concentrate on work, but allows the team to easily turn around to ask questions and talk to each other.

Managers should avoid closed offices unless they have meeting and make client calls that require privacy. A better option is a U-shaped executive desk in a central location to maintain a connection to the employees.

If you are worried about the cost of furnishing your contemporary office, consider buying used or refurbished executive furniture to keep your bank account healthy.  Planning ahead will definitely save you money and make the process easier.