Call Center Cubicles

Call Center CubiclesHigh-volume call centers are infamous for their dull and drab décor. The poorly designed facilities contribute to vision problems, neck and back pain, and employee dissatisfaction.

There are innovative ways to design call center cubicles that will be comfortable and inspire employees to provide exceptional customer service.

Whether your team is involved in telemarketing, sales calls or service calls, efficiency is the key to success, and the call center layout and design can have a big impact on performance. Controlling costs by limiting the square footage per employee is a common objective of businesses. But most employees don’t appreciate being crammed into tiny, uncomfortable spaces, and it’s unlikely that they will do their best work.

Here are some examples of things that can be done when designing call center workstations to boost performance and reduce a high turnover rate:

Improve Comfort

Call centers are tough places to work. Agents sit for long hours in high-stress environments and being uncomfortable is distracting. Well-designed workstations can help prevent the neck and back pains that lead to absenteeism. Ergonomic furniture promotes good posture and can be adjusted to each individual agent’s preference. High-quality chairs are critical, and adjustable work surfaces and keyboard trays add to an agent’s comfort. Other factors, such as personal task lighting and temperature control, affect job performance and should be taken into consideration when designing workstations.

Break Down Barriers

Higher cubicle walls increase privacy and provide a quiet environment for calls, but the boxed-in feeling can make employees feel confined, surrounded by walls and narrow hallways where they can’t see what’s going on around them. Low panels create a sense of space even when workstations are small. Glass or transparent workstation panels can improve morale by letting in more natural light and make it easier to interact with co-workers.

Add Color

The colors of modern office cubicles have changed to help improve productivity, make the workspaces more user-friendly, and give employees a more pleasant place to work. Lighter, brighter colors create a more casual and positive atmosphere. Blue can reduce anxiety in a high-stress environment, but too much can seem depressing. Yellow is friendly, while green is calm and cool. And touches of orange or red can add some energy to an otherwise drab workplace.

Support Better Communication

Great ideas come from face-to-face interaction between people, teams and departments, but they won’t happen if everyone is isolated. Communal areas, such as kitchens, gyms or game rooms, can be powerful tools for helping employees feel connected to, and learn from, one another.

Provide Amenities

Call centers can be designed to incorporate quiet rooms for relaxation, coffee bars, workout rooms, and other perks that improve the work environment and keep agents happy and productive. Happy, productive agents are more likely to provide patient, friendly customer service.

Your call center may be your company’s most important asset. It may be the only opportunity you have to build a relationship with customers you’ll never see. And most customers will judge your business by the attitude of the person who answers the phone. Help your agents do their best work by using call center cubicles to make your office a more inviting place to work.