Buy Office Furniture in Philadelphia

People make a good deal of mistakes when they buy office furniture in Philadelphia and elsewhere. That’s why it’s a good idea to seek advice from the experts.

At we don’t just provide research and resources about cubicles. Our expertise extends throughout the world of office furniture and that drives us to review furniture liquidators for our clients.

We recently visited EthoSource in Philadelphia. They are a leader in office furniture liquidation specializing in refurbished, used, and new office furniture. While there we asked them about the mistakes people often make when choosing furniture for their offices. This is what they shared with us.

Buy Office Furniture in Philadelphia

Office Furniture Buying Mistakes to Avoid

While you might find the idea of purchasing new office furniture both overwhelming and fun at the same time, it is probably trickier than you realize. Choosing the right pieces for your new office, or your office makeover, is not an easy task. In truth, people have a tendency to make some poor choices. So, here are some office furniture buying mistakes to avoid:

  • Opting for looks instead of comfort. No doubt as you do your research you will discover a lot of amazing looking chairs. But just because they are appealing to the eye, there’s no guarantee that they are comfortable. Remember that your staff, and potentially your clients, will have to sit in these chairs for extended periods of time. Uncomfortable people are irritable people and that won’t bode well for your business success.
  • Not thinking about your staff. No two people are alike. Buying one size fit all chairs or desks could cause significant problems for those in your employ. Consider both the size and shape of your employees as well. Some larger individuals will probably need chairs without armrests. Your staff has to use these things every day, so make sure where they sit works for each of them.
  • Impulsive buying. Office furniture is a big investment and going into it without a plan will cost you way more than you want it to. Ask employees about things you should change, and consider the size of the office, or new location, prior to beginning your new furniture search. Think long term so that you don’t get caught up in trendy designs that will go out of style in the near future.
  • Being too cheap. We understand that you want to save money, and it is always tempting to buy the cheapest version of the furniture you desire. However, when you choose price over quality it could end up costing you more in the long run. Quality furniture may cost more initially, but it will last you a good deal longer than the cheaper pieces. EthoSource is a great option for saving money while not losing out in the quality area.
  • Failing to test the furniture out. You should always try before you buy office furniture. It won’t take you a long time to do so, but it can definitely save you time in returns and complaints. Imagine picking an ideal chair, and a desired desk, getting them to the office and then finding out the chair won’t fit under the desk at all. This happens when you don’t try out the furniture first.

Now that you know the mistakes you should avoid when you go out to buy office furniture in Philadelphia, we hope that the office redesign goes well for you!