Buy Office Chairs & Seating Online

Good office seating is essential for productivity. When you buy chairs online, you’ll have hundreds, perhaps thousands, of choices. At, we provide some essential tips you should consider as you shop.

Buy Office Chairs & Seating Online


Your budget will be a crucial step in your decision-making process. On average, employees spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in an office chair. To inspire high levels of productivity and mitigate health risks such as carpal tunnel syndrome; lower back pain; muscle tension and fatigue across your team, you’ll want to buy them (and yourself) the best, most comfortable office chairs your budget will allow.


Your overall office ergonomics involve more than just the office chairs, but problems associated with even the worst office desk can be overcome by investing in the right seating. While seated, chairs should support the natural curve of the back to reduce stress on the lumbar spine. Backrests and armrests should also be adjustable to suit each employee.


Buying office chairs that help prevent fatigue and aches and pains provides one level of comfort. But finding chairs with materials, padding and other elements like that allow your team to be comfortable sitting in them for hours at a time is also very important. For example, breathable cloth fabrics are much more comfortable than hard surfaces. Seat width and depth should be able to accommodate employees with large or full-figured frames.


There’s no use finding the perfect office chair in terms of comfort and ergonomics only to have it fall apart quickly. Durability is important, and there are several factors that can play a part in how long the chairs will survive. Leather and mesh fabrics that cover the chairs will last longer than less expensive options.  For the joints and basic structure of the chair, metal armrests, legs and wheels will be far more durable than plastic.


When choosing office chairs and other furniture, it’s important to think about the message you want to convey to employees, customers and potential clients. Reflecting your organization’s culture and values can make your employees feel inspired by their environment. Incorporating interesting design elements that reflect your brand personality, such as bold colors, can be intriguing to customers and potential clients.

Many premium office furniture dealers, such as EthoSource in Morgantown, PA, specialize in new office chairs from Herman Miller, Knoll, Haworth, Compel, Sit-On-It, 9to5 Seating, and other high-quality brands that are available in their online store. They are also furniture liquidators and buy used office furniture from customers who are upgrading or relocating, making it available to you at huge savings.

Your employees need the right office chairs and seating in order to be both healthy and productive. Whether you buy online or visit your local furniture dealer to see the options in person, we hope these tips help you select the right office furniture for your team.