Best Office Furniture Stores Philadelphia

There are hundreds of options today for buying office furniture. The best stores in the Philadelphia area offer an amazingly affordable selection of new, used and refurbished furniture that can help you stretch your budget while revitalizing your office space.

Panel and tile cubicle systems are designed to fit flawlessly into any office décor and can be configured in many different ways. Choose from high panels that offer lots of privacy, or open layouts with lower panel heights for better conversation and teamwork. Choose wood panels, colorful fabrics, or install glass or Plexiglas to brighten up your space with natural light.

Best Office Furniture Stores PhiladelphiaMany premium office furniture dealers, such as EthoSource in Morgantown, PA, who specialize in new systems from Allsteel, Gunlocke, Herman Miller, Haworth, HON, Knoll and Steelcase, are also furniture liquidators. They routinely buy used office furniture from customers who are upgrading or relocating and then make it available to you at huge savings.

Pre-Owned Office Furniture: A Terrific Bargain

Great office furniture shouldn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. When you purchase used or refurbished desks, chairs, tables and office cubi­cles, you will get a big­ger bang for your buck compared to buying new, but it’s important to know the terminology so you understand exactly what you’re getting:

  • “Used” office furniture – Many dealers sell used desks, chairs, cubicles and workstations “as is”, which means they’ve done few, if any, repairs. Be sure that any used cubicles or workstations you intend to buy are not dented or scratched. There is usually no warranty on used furniture.
  • “Reconditioned” office furniture – In general, reconditioned furniture will have been cleaned, touched up where possible, and be equipped with working keys and locks.  You may be able to get a limited warranty against manufacturer defects. Make sure everything works properly before you buy.
  • “Refurbished” office furniture – Refurbished furniture has typically been touched up cosmetically to make it look “like new.” Reputable liquidators have taken it apart, inspected it, cleaned it, made necessary repairs, reassembled it and refinished it until it is difficult to distinguish from new furniture. Refurbished office furniture often comes with a warranty and you may be able to choose new colors, fabrics and finishes.

In addition to 30-70% savings, buying pre-owned office furniture also gives your business a chance to help protect and preserve the earth’s resources. The manufacture of new office furniture takes a lot of energy, labor and raw materials. Recycled furniture is an ideal choice for companies that are serious about green initiatives or are pursuing the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification.

When buying any type of furniture, it’s very important not to buy sight unseen. Be sure to see the furniture in person to better judge the size, scale and condition of the pieces.

Buying liquidated office furniture can be a great solution for Philadelphia businesses on a budget.  Check for reviews and recommendations on the best stores in your area.