Explore Benching Desk Systems

When developing the best design for your office space, consider benching desk systems that enable you to accommodate more people in less space and enhance worker collaboration.

These systems combine bench-like tables and chairs with little or no paneling between employees, and feature individual lamps, computers, and chairs set up every 5 to 10 feet, giving your staff room to spread out and collaborate. Benching systems eliminate the barriers that obstruct teamwork and efficiency.

Today’s employees have different expectations for their work environments. They have less need for separation, and enjoy office setups that allow them to sit together on the same row, and often, across from each other.

Benching Desk SystemsThey believe this gives them a more flexible and communicative space. And, in fact, recent studies have shown that workers with a line-of-sight connection between each other are 15% more productive than their isolated cubicle counterparts.

Of course, this will require you to put more thought into productivity and how your office works together. Overall, benching systems are a popular cost-saving solution for companies who like the idea of open offices spaces. The systems help you efficiently manage your space while enabling your employees to feel like they are on a team working towards the same goals.

Teamwork-Friendly Office Furniture

Benching systems give employees greater access to colleagues and superiors, something that can be difficult to achieve in a typical office cubicle environment. They allow for:

  • Better exchange of ideas and inter-departmental communication
  • Improved access to materials and resources
  • More conversation, collaboration and innovation
  • Streamlined work processes
  • Flexibility for mobile workforces and outside sales teams
  • More effective learning among coworkers
  • Greater versatility with different seating types and designs
  • Improved office aesthetics from claustrophobic to open
  • More exposure to natural light and views of the outdoors
  • Lower real estate costs through increased seating density and multi-use environments
  • Easier access by managers for evaluating team progress
  • Improved employee retention

If you are interested in benching for all or part of your office space, we encourage you to review the online catalogs of companies like EthoSource in Morgantown, PA. They specialize in high-quality new and used benching systems and can supply you with a wide range of design ideas.

Benching options are available in multiple layouts and sizes. There are straight styles, and those that can be configured in an L or U shape. There are options that seat two people and others that seat more than eight. Dividers can be higher to allow for more privacy and less noise, or virtually non-existent when employees work with others for the majority of their time.

The way people work and the environment in which they flourish is being redefined. Benching desk systems can be a fantastic alternative to cubicles. They are an ideal solution for improving morale and inter-office relations and maximizing the use of limited office space.